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Other Side Of The Cross

Other Side Of The Cross

©2009 Karen de la Durantaye

Size: 29" x 38" • Technique: Paper Piecing & Applique
Number of Blocks: 11 • Number of Sections: 106 • Number of Pieces: 603
Time to Create: 138 hours (from first thought to last stitch)

This saga began on January 5, 2009 & came to a close the end of September.  Here are a few entries from my journal.

January 5, 2009 - A new year--a new beginning--a new project.  I was all ready to get started on a project inspired by a piece of art created by my son titled "Auntie Rose", but a couple nights ago in the wee hours of the night God changed my path.  He laid out a different direction for me, a detour of sorts.  He gave me something else that I need to work on before pursuing "Auntie Rose".

May 12, 2009 - Well, this past week has been life altering.  Due to the economy my husband lost his job of more than 14 years in an industry he's worked in for 25 years.  The writing has been on the walls for a long time, yet when that day finally came it felt like getting hit by a Mac truck.  Our future is uncertain, but even still there is a kind of adrenaline rush happening within.  For every ending there's a new beginning!  Here's where we leave the path of walking by sight & truly begin walking by faith because at the moment that is all we have. in a God who is bigger than all we are experiencing, a sovereign God who is in total control.  It's time to let go of all we have been holding onto & trust in the unseen.  Dear Lord, I know in my heart that this is a good thing, that You are taking us somewhere we have never been before.  My soul clings to You because You alone give me life.  I'm scared, but I'm ready for the new adventure--the Indiana Jones adventure--that lies ahead.

September 18, 2009 - The entire summer has passed since I've worked on this project.  I'm afraid my Indiana Jones adventure has taken me to the edge.  This will be a memorable summer to say the least.  Life as we have known for 15 years ceases to exist.  Although Chuck & I believe that this new journey we are on of starting an upholstery business is the path God is leading us down, we struggle to keep putting one foot in front of the other many days.  The emotions of this journey are anything but consistent...full of confidence one minute followed by fear, doubt & discouragement the next.  We know getting this business up & running is going to be a long & arduous challenge full of many stresses.  And honestly, there are some days I don't feel up to the task, yet I know that we must keep going for the glory of God.

Yesterday, we sent off to Chuck's mom, brothers & sisters the quilts I made each of them from my father-in-law's clothes.  I created nine 36" x 36" quilts which are in reality the blocks to a larger quilt to commemorate dad's life.  Our hope is that some day in the distant future these blocks/quilts will find their way back to each other & the 9' x 9' quilt will be put back together.  Seven of the blocks/quilts are in Michigan, one is in New Mexico & one is in Kansas.  This was the most emotionally draining project I have had the honor to work on, yet in many ways I found comfort & healing reflecting on the life of a man who was loved dearly.

September 21, 2009 - The blocks of the Legacy of Love quilt in honor of my father-in-law arrived at their destinations today.  Cathy called & left an emotional voicemail.  I had to have Chuck call his sister back because I was too emotional to talk.  He also talked to his brother, Bob, who had a similar response.  Lord, I hope I brought you much glory today and I hope that my family will feel Your presence, Your love & comfort, peace & healing through the work of my hands.  Did I  bring you glory today Lord?

September 28, 2009 - This has been an adventurous journey in more ways than one.  So many things have transpired since the beginning of this project.  So many losses on so many levels, yet laced with the kinds of blessings that keep you going.  This past year has been a difficult leg in my life's journey...with the passing of my beloved father-in-law, the loss of two family pets, the loss of Chuck's job, along with the beginning of the long & arduous task of starting a new business & a new life at a time when we were planning on slowing down a bit.  Oh, but the blessings are sweet, like the birth of our third grandchild, knowing that God used my gifts to bring a bit of comfort & healing to my grieving family & just simply knowing that I am a beloved child of a God who is always faithful & loving.

There have been many starts & stops, rethinking & do-overs from the beginning to the end of the project, from 'how shall I do this' to 'what shall I title this'.  One thing I have learned through it all is that the only thing I truly have is my FAITH and my HOPE.  I can't say if this project or any thing that I do has brought God glory.  In the end all I have is the hope that what I do brings God glory.  I hope one day I will know.  Lord, did I bring You glory today?

Soli Deo Gloria


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Soli Deo Gloria

"...whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God"
1 Corinthians 10:31

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